P1.5 LED Poster HOB

Model: DS-D4215MI-070H(B)
  • Even the thickest part of this thin display is only 28.1 mm or so. With two-color alloy splicing design and magnetic butterfly bezel design, it supports seamless splicing of multiple screens.
  • Empowered by self-developed lossless image processing technology and ultra-low gray scale image control technology, it presents dynamic colors and delicate images with soft color.
  • You can control and manage your content remotely via local storage, USB flash drive, mobile client, PC client, Hik-cloud, etc.
  • Its modular system box supports quick maintenance or replacement of product system modules.
  • When used in a single unit, it supports dynamic guidance and mobile phone mirroring. When spliced with two units, it can be used to display character ads. When spliced as a 2K splicing display, it can be directly connected to display a computer screen.
  • It supports tilt bracket mounting, mobile two-color alloy base mounting, wall mounting, pendant mounting, and creative bracket mounting.
  • HOB light board protection functions make it moisture-proof in humid regions and prevent it from falling over in crowded places.