Payment Terminal

Model: DS-K6301X-DT
  • Dual-screen design: main screen (for consumer): 8-inch IPS touch screen, with screen resolution of 800 × 1280; sub screen (for operator): 4.3-inch IPS display screen, wich screen resolution of 480 × 272
  • 2 MP wide-angle lens
  • Supports payment via face (face with mask supported) or card
  • Supports unfixed amount, fixed amount and fixed times payment mode
  • Entering unfixed amount for every payment is available
  • Supports setting fixed amount for payment under fixed amount mode. Max. amount can be set for every payment
  • Supports viewing payment statistics, including times, amount and etc.
  • Supports management via device menu and web client, allowing payment configuration, system maintenance and other operations
  • Supports wiring bluetooth speaker to amplify sound
  • Supports online payment