Access Controller

Model: DS-K2708X
  • Supports 8-door control. It is formed by 2 DS-K2M002X access modules, and one 4-doors access controller
  • Access controller: downstream RS-485 redundancy wiring design to ensure communication stability. 5-ch downlink RS-485 interface supports two applications: 1. When 4-ch RS-485 communication, the 5th RS-485 can be used as a redundant application; 2. 4-ch RS-485 forms 2 groups of dual-bus loops with physical isolation. It is recommended that you do not have more than 16 access modules attached to each loop bus. Access Module: supports 8-ch RS-485 interface for card reader connecting
  • Web configuration management. All configurations can be realized via web without software application
  • Supports professional access control applications such as multi-door interlocking and anti-passback
  • Supports backup battery access. Charging and discharging are available
  • It has status indicators such as power supply, communication and operation, which is convenient for equipment health detection