2nd Gen High Brighness P1.2 COB LED Unit

Model: DS-D4212CI-ZWDHB
  • Each pixel point on the front of the display unit board module is composed of flip-chip red chip, green chip and blue chip package, and each chip is fixed to the circuit board.
  • The back of the display unit board module contains components driver ICs, resistors and capacitors, and the display control system connected to the box can display video, images, and text information.
  • The cabinet display unit is a front-dimensional magnetic suction tool, which is equipped with professional magnetic suction tools to complete the installment and debugging
  • High Reliability Flip Chip
  • Using constant current to drive the chip, uniform light emission, low power consumption
  • High contrast ratio can achieve good display effect
  • Light weight, easy to Installation and disassembly
  • Modular design The whole box is divided into two unit structures: cabinet kits, module brackets